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The e-bike industry is booming. The global e-bike market size was valued at US$17.56bn in 2021 and is expected to reach over US$40.98bn by 2030. 
MATE Bike, with its effortless Danish cool and blend of fashion, lifestyle and technical excellence. is right at the front of this growth trajectory. They were being held back by a CMS and site structure that no longer delivered their brand image, customer- experience aspirations or commercial needs.

Discovery is important to any successful partnership, which is why we immersed ourselves in the world of the ultimate e-bike lifestyle brand MATE.BIKE United Kingdom.
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The MATE.BIKE United Kingdom team came to Everything Connected with the challenge to launch a new UK Shopify website fully integrated with all their business tools, all in under two months for the summer peak. Then they needed to move into a rapid and agile approach to site improvements and optimisation, using the UK as a test case for the rest of the international business.

Unlike riding a MATE Bike this agile approach and speed of delivery takes a huge amount of effort and daily partnership, but both MATE Bike and E-C teams deserve congratulations for delivering this rapid pace and complex project.

“Everything Connected very quickly understood the MATE brand ethos and the customer experience we wanted to deliver through our website experience. They were able to closely partner with the MATE Bike team to launch a new site that we will continue to build on and improve for our customers.”

— Giles Greenwood, MATE Bike UK MD