JM Finn

An individual approach to investment

Daring to be different

JM Finn is known for its dependable discretionary investment management service. Its existing clients were highly satisfied with the service they received and the business maintained good financial stability.

JM Finn recognised that achieving financial dreams requires more than just a first class investment offering. Clients needed a team capable of managing the full life cycle of their financial affairs, from one generation to the next. 

Everything–Connected was tasked with reinvigorating the brand without alienating its existing client base and help its staff understand this renewed sense of brand purpose.

What we did

The rebranding of JM Finn was an opportunity to reject the status quo in a sea of corporate blue and upgrade fiscal responsibility for more aspirational financial freedom. Everything–Connected worked to develop an authentic position for a loyal and enduring brand.

Visual direction

A breath of fresh air

The design team started with the brand’s visual direction and had the creative freedom to create illustrated content (a first for JM Finn). This visual content was combined with a range of design language updates, breathing fresh life into an established brand.

JM Finn's Quarterly Periodical

JM Finn’s marketing centre-piece is a quarterly periodical named Prospects, designed to communicate industry trends and products to existing clients and potential new ones. We develop a print version of the magazine, while a digital companion complements the hardcopy with richer features such as video interviews.

The results

We worked successfully with JM Finn to develop a full compliment of assets, bringing the brand firmly into a new decade. We’re delighted to say the results have led to significant business wins and multiple industry awards.The firm now stands out with an identity that is unique and packed with personality.