A brand willing to take risks

A long-standing partnership

Everything–Connected has worked with Hiscox, the FTSE 100 specialist insurer, for the past 6 years.

We are Hiscox’s lead web development agency for the UK and Europe.

Our work with Hiscox includes development of and support for over 15 corporate websites, multi-site portfolio management, UX consultancy, content creation and DevOps support. 

Organic growth

From an initial brief for an email newsletter that became a market leading web application, to spearheading the migration and consolidation of over 15 brand websites, our relationship with Hiscox has grown organically thanks to the consistent delivery of successful projects and fruitful strategic advice.

The power of Drupal

Hiscox relies upon Everything–Connected to put greater power in the hands of its marketers, pushing the boundaries of its Drupal WCMS to make a significant bottom line contribution.

Year on year

What the future holds

We are currently working on a multi-year project that spans multiple geographically distributed teams whilst also assisting with the introduction of an in-house technical support team.