Unlock your website’s lead generation potential

Scott McLean
Marketing Services Director
Generating leads is a fundamental goal of digital marketing. Your website can be so much more than a nice looking brochure site, it can play a critical role in your digital marketing efforts and engage and nurture buyers into real sales opportunity. Find out in this article how you can unlock your websites lead generation potential.

Generating leads is a fundamental goal of digital marketing, where things move fast. Instead of being a simple online brochure, your website is an essential tool for attracting customers. A well-crafted website can act as a magnet, attracting visitors, engaging them, converting them into valuable leads, and driving your business forward. However, if you want your website to be truly successful, then understanding how it can effectively support the buyer journey is key.

Think of your website as a precision-engineered machine designed to capture and progress leads, where each element plays a crucial role in its success:

  • Buyer Journey: The vast majority of websites overlook the needs of the buyer and are overly focused on what they want to sell. By understanding the buyer journey, the website can be designed from the ground up to reflect all of the steps the buyer goes through, their personas and their needs, resulting in content and structure that effectively supports the buyer every step of the way.
  • UX Design: Your website should look good, be easy to use, and function well on all devices. Clear calls to action (CTAs) should direct visitors to fill out forms, request consultations, or download resources.
  • Content: By understanding the buyer journey, you can ensure that you have all the content they will be searching for, meaning they are more likely to progress with your business to make their purchase.
  • Functionality: Beauty alone isn’t sufficient. Include practical features like contact forms, live chats, and booking tools to facilitate easy interaction for users. And if you are looking to support buyer journey progression, then ensuring there are the next best content links will help enormously.
  • Lead capture: Effective lead capture relies on well-designed landing pages, concise contact forms, and compliant cookie/consent settings. Tailor landing pages to buyer personas with clear CTAs, ensure forms are user-friendly, and maintain GDPR compliance to build trust and capture leads efficiently. These elements will help seamlessly capture and nurture leads throughout the buyer journey.

Converting visitors into leads means creating a positive experience for your users.

  • Simplify: Make sure your website is easy to use. Visitors should be able to find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently and by providing the next best content, a personalised content progression experience can be achieved.
  • Personalise: Personalisation can significantly boost conversions. Tailoring content and offers based on the buyer journey and target personas creates a more relevant experience and increases engagement.
  • Make it frictionless: The path to conversion should be clear and straightforward. Use prominent CTAs, simplify your forms, provide the next best content links and offer different contact methods to eliminate any obstacles

Data is your guide to success. Using website analytics, you can:

  • Track user behaviour: See how visitors interact with your website, what pages they visit, and where they drop off.
  • Identify opportunities: Analyse data to discover areas for improvement, whether it’s redesigning a landing page, optimising your content, or refining your CTAs.
  • Make informed decisions: Use data to drive your website optimisation strategies and ensure you’re making the best possible use of your resources.
  • Tag your content with the buyer journey: this provides powerful data which informs what content is driving journey progression.

Everything Connected has partnered with multiple brand websites to increase their leads:

  • The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM): We worked with ABRSM to build a multiple award-winning website to help teachers learners and parents find resources more easily and inspire more people to learn music.
  • Ignite: Everything Connected worked closely with this rapidly growing SaaS scale-up to build a website that has the buyer journey at its heart.
  • SMARTR: As a new brand from Equans, the website sits at the heart of SMARTR’s lead generation capabilities, with an impressive tally of leads being generated since launch.

Seeing your website as an investment in future success is vital. Grasping its role in lead generation, using best practices, and constantly refining your strategy can make your website a strong driver of business growth.

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