Universal Music

Sound and vision

Interpreting iconic music heritage

Everything–Connected have worked with multiple artists and divisions across Universal Music Group. 

Recent bands include The Who, Elton John, The Sex Pistols and 5SOS. We provide a broad range of services from web design and development and live event marketing through to album packaging, apparel and product design. 



The Who

We were briefed by Universal’s merchandise division, Bravado, to create a licensing style guide and refreshed merchandise range for The Who and a collection of 30 new merchandise designs using the iconic Sex Pistols visual archive.

What we did

Like kids in a sweet shop, the Everything–Connected designers were given the chance to explore a vast visual archive from The Who’s back catalogue. Working with key graphics and photography from Quadrophenia, My Generation, Substitute and Who Are You? We delivered multiple a comprehensive re-worked merchandise product range, spanning a broad age demographic.

The Sex Pistols

The Sex Pistols brief called for a modern merchandise range firmly rooted in punk fashion, whilst staying true to the punk philosophies of creatively, anarchy, originality and boundary pushing.


Everything–Connected were briefed to work on 30 new product designs, showcasing iconic Sex Pistols artwork from an extensive archive including the iconic Sex Pistols logo, Never Mind the Bollocks and God Save the Queen imagery and previously unused artwork.The designs were creative in terms of garment use, print application and fabric treatments. 


When picking shapes and silhouettes the design team explored a vast array of key fashion destinations for the most contemporary product so it didn't just look like retrospective. This is about taking The Sex Pistols forward.

Creation of a comprehensive apparel range

Interpreting design heritage

Sex Pistols art speaks for itself, the brief isn’t to change or reinvent the brand, it’s about delivering a truly comprehensive range which is both authentic to punk fashion and showcases the incredible rich bank of assets available with this license. Punk is all about creativity, anarchy, originality, pushing boundaries and product design should reflect this while staying true to the brand. 

The results

We delivered a collection laced with punk attitude, using modern shapes and silhouettes to help keep the Sex Pistols brand relevant and fashion-forward. Everything–Connected continue to work with the Universal Music team on a vast roster of iconic artists and musicians, interpreting designs for an ever-evolving commercial market.