So Energy

Energy made easy

Switching trust within the energy industry

According to the Citizens Advice Report in 2015, trust in energy suppliers was lower than bankers and politicians. The founders of So Energy knew it didn’t have to be that way and went about building a company with a refreshing purpose: to keep things simple using innovative technology and by keeping costs to a minimum, pass savings onto customers.

What we did

Everything–Connected's design team produced a clear and recognisable logomark for the So Energy brand. The ambient blue, green and yellow colours complement the brand's environmental and citizenship credentials. The illustrative approach to the imagery is an alternative to the use of photography and enables the So Energy brand to stand out from the crowd.

Energy Provider of the Year

Print adverts

The UX and website design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also allows customers to switch provider to So Energy in under 3 minutes. Everything–Connected also delivered an innovative digital content concept, namely a tool that enables So Energy customers to choose which renewable energy scheme in the UK they would like their energy to come from. 

The results

So Energy is the UK’s fastest growing domestic energy provider and continues to operate with the values of simplicity, transparency, keen pricing and dedicated customer service. Everything–Connected have introduced a refreshed brand style as the team at So Energy has grown to over 120 and the business goes from strength to strength.