The new website

An extraordinary experience

Luxury tour operator Cazenove+Loyd offer some of the world’s greatest travel experiences and as part of its 25 year anniversary, the brand engaged Everything–Connected to develop an informative and dynamic new website. Extraordinary experiences are at the heart of the business and the website had to mirror all the infinite possibilities intuitively. The management at Cazenove+Loyd found the previous Wordpress site difficult to manage and asked Everything–Connected to migrate across to a newer and more manageable platform. It was imperative that the Client Login area featured personalised account details with tailored travel preferences.

What we did

Everything–Connected produced an all-new design for Cazenove+Loyd that showcases all the fantastic Destinations and Experiences offered to all their demographics including honeymooners, family holidaymakers, retirees and even helicopter parents. The homepage features a highlighted destination and relevant experiences depending on the time of year. As you scroll down the page their experts appear and a brand video is available to play. Bespoke landing pages were created for the Destinations and Experiences pages, providing users with far more content than previously and living up to their Conde Nast description of "knowing its subject astoundingly well."

The destination

Cazenove+Loyd add new destinations and experiences each year and the Drupal 8 platform used for the website enables the editors to manage the content easily. The brand's core philosophy is about being the best rather than the biggest and the curated collection of experiences mirrors this mantra.


The results

Translating extraordinary experiences to digital platforms is always challenging but the Everything–Connected team successfully delivered a website which has recently secured Cazenove+Loyd’s place as 'trusted partner' of Conde Nast Traveller. The brand has featured prominently in high-end target publications including the Financial Times, Forbes, The Daily Telegraph and The